What makes Little Mary shoes so special are easy-to-recognise details: impeccable full-grain leather, a vegetable-tanned leather insole, a stiffener adapted to each model and each age, a protective reinforced toe, understated or colourful eyelets, and the perfect balance between flexibility and firmness that provides optimal comfort and stability.

A Little Mary shoe is deceptively simple: each one requires a great number of components and meticulous manual operations led by a single guiding principle: the love of a job well done.

Each member of the Little Mary team contributes to this small-scale craftsmanship which makes no industrial compromises.


The Designers

More than a year ahead of the manufacture of each collection, our designers probe the upcoming fashion trends to design the new models.

Little Mary launches two collections per year (Autumn/Winter and Autumn/Winter), and it renews more than 80% of its collections each season. The designers sketch each new model on a plastic shell moulded to the shape of the sole they have selected for it.

The design office takes the designers' draughts and transforms them into computer-generated technical plans using specialised pattern creation software.

It then provides the workshop with an initial pattern in the form of small pieces of cardboard which represent the various pieces of the future shoe for the production of a first prototype.

The models are honed and adjusted as many times as necessary, and they are tested on real children's feet a number of times throughout the process.

Once the "model foot" is perfected, the design office begins graduation development, which consists of adapting the pattern of the model to each size.

The Design Office

Little Mary has a specialized development cell: the cutter chooses the leather hides according to each model to be produced in order to optimise the placement of each piece. The prototyPineg stitcher works with the design office to develop the technical solutions which make it possible to produce each design. The assembler makes a number of adjustments to ensure that the upper is perfectly sealed onto the sole and that it will perfectly fit baby's foot.


"They have entrusted their shoe manufacture to us"